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Wash Station NZ Laundromat Logo2

Wash Station NZ
Commercial/Industrial Laundry Machines & Laundromats

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Our unique self-service laundromat & fully operating showroom is located in Auckland's CBD and is full of European­ designed and manufactured, high­ extraction industrial washing machines and super­ efficient clothes dryers. 

Save time, money and resources.

Just bring your clothes and a laundry basket, bag or suitcase and let our state of the ­art machines do all the dirty work.

The Wash Station concept is about "SIMPLICITY" and "QUALITY". From our machines to our detergents (included with every wash) to our shop atmosphere, resulting in fresh, clean laundry.
Simplify your life & help save precious resources.

Experience a better, more energy efficient way to do laundry!

*We supply and install Krebe-Tippo laundry machines for self service, commercial and industrial applications.

Sanitizing detergent and softener automatically included with each wash
3 cycle wash. Pre-wash, wash and softener
Your choice of temperature from cold to 90c

FREE   TV - WIFI - USB Ports

Current product in use : Rampi Mediterranean Green

                                                                                            Sanitizer Detergent and softener


                           Call or text for WIFI password and/or assistance